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Recent work, favorite details, and our personal garden
Flow·er /ˈflouər/

1 The usually showy plant part

2 A plant that is grown because it's flowers are attractive

From rustic to chic, from vintage to modern, from romantic to dramatic, flowers are all about how you arrange them. Beautiful blooms can transform your event and evoke your personal style for all to see and enjoy. These arrangements set the tone for your special event and bring life to the party!  We do all we can to encompass the beauty of your event in each arrangement.

De·tail /diˈtāl/

1 An individual fact or item

2 A part of a whole

Individual items though they might be, when expertly combined, the details create the character of your event. Subtle details add to the ambiance and visual aesthetic of the event. Fun, interactive details engage your guests and make your event forever memorable. We are all about the details and know the value of echoing the feel of your floral arrangements in your decor details.

Gar·den /ˈgärdn/

1 A plot of ground where flowers, herbs, shrubs, vegetables, or fruits are cultivated

2 A little piece of heaven

Some of our favorite blooms come from our very own gardens. Wildflowers that grow in the field, roses that are tended to with delicate care, and dahlias that grow by the hundreds surround us constantly. We always strive to bring you the highest quality flowers and incorporate some of the lesser known gems like herbs and vegetables into arrangements.